Nguyễn Thị Vân
Will To Live Center
    Nguyễn Công Hùng
    Founder (26/6/1982 - 31/12/2012)
      Ngô Thị Huyền Minh
        Nguyễn Văn Hùng
          Vũ Phong Kỳ

            IIT entrepreneur Nguyễn Công Hùng, founder of Will To Live Center, brought hope, knowledge and dignity to people with disabilities throughout Vietnam. Mr.Hùng always dreamt of being able to hire all of the students, whom he trained at the center.

            Due to having a small body, Mr. Hùng worried that he was not doing enough to help people with disabilities in Vietnam. Some of the students who studied at the WLC, were not able to find jobs, because of the discrimination and non-acceptance of people with disabilities in the society.

            Mr. Hùng states that: “Sometimes I feel like I’m killing the hopes of other handicapped people”, he said. “Each time I’m on TV or on the radio or quoted in a newspaper I get hundreds of calls. Many disabled people and their families see the Will to Live Center as their last hope. But due to limited resources some people have to wait years before they can study here. People carry their children here from the countryside begging for a chance. They tell me: “We’re poor and old. Our child is handicapped. We worry about how our child will survive after we die.”

            Mr. Hùng and his co-founders, devoted their energy and strength to support and expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities. He always thought, “I only have a working head, a beating heart, a hand clicking and working. It seems that the other parts of my body are dead but just like that, life is still beautiful.”

            Mr. Hùng was chosen in the proposed list of Vietnam Record of Will: as the first Disabled Director; The 2005 Information Technology Entrepreneur, Typical Young Vietnamese Face of 2006, Forever 20 – 2006, Golden Globe – 2007. He was awarded the Certificate of Merit Youth of Vietnam Youth Union by General Secretary Nong Duc Manh, and the Award for the Vietnam Talent Contest 2008.

            Mr. Hùng passed away on December 31, 2012, he has been and will remain forever in the hearts of the others!