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Will to Live - Capacity Building center for People with Disabilities


We provide a free 6-month training program that includes courses in photo editing and career skills. By the end of the course, students will gain skills in applied information technology and network administration.

Soft skills improvement

Students will also take supplementary career skills training courses such as English communication, independent living skills, and corporate working skills.


Besides education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the field of IT, WLC creates more job opportunities for graduates throughout the Home-working project.

Social Initiatives

We aim for connecting the community, creating new spaces and experiences for people with disabilities during their community involvement.

Mission & Vision

Support for people with disabilities

Our vision is that people living with disabilities will have equal opportunity and access both within the working world and society at large.
The Will to Live Center (WLC) is a Hanoi based nonprofit that provides free computer and life skills training courses to people with disabilities in order to help them find employment and integrate fully into society. WLC also runs several social initiatives with the goal of ending the discrimination and stigma that people with disabilities face on a daily basis.
Career Guide

Employment Opportunities


Graduates will gain good knowledge about working productivity, self-reliance and self-care skills.


We offer a hiring forum dedicated to employment of people with disabilities for both job seeker & employers. 

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Stories of Hope

The unnamed story

I usually walked home with my friends when I finished school. The journey coming home from school in my elementary years was filled with laughter of carefree schoolboys. I didn’t know that these moments were the last time my feet touched the ground….

Activities from Center

News and Events


Will to Live Center would like to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Diego Cortizas del Valle, an owner and talented designer of Chula, who have just passed away suddenly on October 13, 2021. We understand that this is a huge loss for his family and everyone who has ever known Diego. Read More ““YOU ARE ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS””

You Raise Me Up Running Event

“You Raise Me Up” Marathon is a non-profit sporting event in response to the International Day of People with Disabilities (December 3rd) with the purpose of creating an inclusive space for PwD through community run.

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Introduction to the alumni group of Will To Live Center

The alumni association of the Will To Live Center is a voluntary social group of students who have studied and lived in the center during the last 15 years. Its mission is to connect alumni of the center from various parts of the nation and contribute to developing the Will To Live Center house.

Read More “Introduction to the alumni group of Will To Live Center”

How you can support us

Help creating impact for people in need

Thanks to your contributions, people with disability can have access to safe and stable accommodations, an environment conducive to studying, working and gaining essential knowledge and skills for better life!