Will to Live Center would like to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Diego Cortizas del Valle, an owner and talented designer of Chula, who have just passed away suddenly on October 13, 2021. We understand that this is a huge loss for his family and everyone who has ever known Diego.

Diego is known as an architect, fashion designer, musician, singer, a person who devoted to artistic and social activities. He is also the first designer to accompany Will to Live Center in the fashion show series “I’m Beautiful. You too!”. The show was started in 2014 for girls with disabilities with the message of “Whoever you are, woman or man, rich or poor, disabled or non-disabled, everyone is born with rights, equality, including the rights to be respected and the freedom to honor one’s own worth”.

He will always be loved and remembered by us. Beautiful memories and legacies about Deigo will always be presented in our fashion shows “I am beautiful. You too” in the future.

Gratitude from the Will to Live with lots of love!


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