“You Raise Me Up” Marathon is a non-profit sporting event in response to the International Day of People with Disabilities (December 3rd) with the purpose of creating an inclusive space for PwD through community run.

The event also aims to promote and improve health through sports and physical exercises as well as contributing to eliminating barriers and discrimination between people with disabilities and people without disabilities, so that this companion is only a companion in running, but also a companion of society and community in all activities on the integration journey of people with disabilities.

The event is co-organized by Will to Live Center and For Children Vietnam under the support of RI Korea, KOICA Grants and the Hoang Gia Event Agency.

The event is opened to public with a wide variety of participants, included people with disability (all types of disability encouraged), children as long as they are interested in the sports with forming in pair with a participant with disability, accompanying him or her to complete the registered distance for 1.5 km, 3.0 km or 5.0 km run.

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