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The Will to Live Center was established and continues under the leadership of Nguyen Cong Hung. Cong Hung is a physically disabled young man whose weight is barely 16kg: his disability is such that he can only move his head and one finger but just this enables him to pursue his work using a computer mouse. Through his self belief and focus, Cong Hung is largely self taught through books, the internet, friends and contacts. His considerable achievements have been and continue to be recognized nationally. His awards include the titles of Information Technology Knight, the Contemporary Vietnamese and Outstanding Young Vietnamese.

The titles and awards Cong Hung has achieved so far demonstrate his determination to live beyond his everyday difficulties and challenges and is an example for others. Whilst accolades are welcome, Cong Hung’s real success is his vision and hard work in establishing and maintaining a center to provide vocational training for the disabled.

Amongst his personal achievements, Cong Hung made a humanitarian decision to share his expertise, knowledge and experience with other disabled people. Together with his friends, Cong Hung set up the Will to Live Center, devoting all his heart, mind, energy and efforts to the Center to make it a little stream which contributes water to the bigger running river. So far, hundreds of disabled people have been trained each year, graduating from the Center, finding jobs and earning their own living.

However, like people with disabilities themselves, the Center has faced numerous challenges and difficulties. The Center has had to move accommodation six times since its establishment in March 2008. There are many reasons for this: high rents, landlords selling the accommodation, and landlords being unwilling to let the Center stay as they are superstitious and fear that people with disabilities living in their property will bring bad luck. Also, safety at the Center is a huge concern because bad people and drug users break in and rob the Center knowing that disabled people are probably incapable of protecting themselves.

The Vietnamese have a saying that states “once your home is at peace, your career prospers”. The Will to Live Center members find this saying to be more than accurate. All the difficulties and disadvantages facing them in their everyday life has made them dream of a house of their own, to maintain and develop the Will to Live Center.

With the desire and vision to have permanent accommodation for the Center to operate and develop, the Center is launching a fundraising campaign. The campaign is called “YOUR BRICK, OUR WILL TO LIVE HOUSE” and calls upon the goodwill of individuals and communities to join hands and contribute to building the Will to Live House.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support!

Financial support

The objective of this campaign is to ask for a donation of just 100,000 VND from 30,000 individuals. The donated money will be used to build a house to serve as training and a work premises as well as providing accommodation for the disabled coming from afar.

The Will to Live Center would like to call for financial contributions to this new phase in the life of the Center. Your contributions will help the disabled people who come and study at the Center to have access to safe and stable accommodations, an environment conducive to studying and working, gaining essential knowledge and skills, and gaining independence to live a full and productive life.

How you can contribute

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If bank transfer, please kindly note your full name and the description “A Brick for Will To Live House”.

Please kindly forward this call for donation to your friends and acquaintances

Get involved

Beside financial supports, the Will to Live Center is grateful to receive various types of support & donation such as: equipment, computers, books, wheelchairs, technology equipment for classrooms and other essentials. If you would like to join hands, please enter your information and submit your contribution to the Will to Live Center.

We cherish and welcome all donations!

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Sponsors Information

All personal information about sponsors is confidential and can not be shared for any third party. You can contact us through the form on the website.