“I am beautiful…you too!” – a documentary film about women with disabilities was released on a special TV program at 8:10 PM on 16th April on VTV1

Le My Cuong, one of the film makers, was inspired to make the documentary film when he met Ms. Nguyen Thi Van, a woman with disabilities and the Director of the Will To Live Center. She organized the fashion show, “I am beautiful, you too!” at the end of 2015.

This documentary was filmed over 5 months ago, and captures Van Thi Nguyen’s dream of telling a story about a group of women with disabilities and a fashion show. It is a story about the rights of Vietnamese women with disabilities – their right to a voice, their right to access public spaces, their right to safety and respect, and their right to thrive and not just survive.

“We grow up with conceptions and standards that we create, but we cannot let them become invisible barriers separating people with and without disabilities. We need to change conceptions and standards.”

Video Link: http://vtv.vn/video/vtv-dac-biet-toi-dep-ban-cung-the-129115.htm


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